Anastasia Malkhazova is a Painter and Filmmaker, who works in both artistical practice as well as she is producing Drawings, Performances and theoretical works. Born in Moscow , Anastasia Malkhazova received her BA in Fine Arts from the Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf, Class of Tal R and Rosemarie Trockel, in 2010. While studying Painting she developed several Video Works and performances in the Class of Rosemarie Trockel, and shot a documentary full length film about youngsters in Moscow. After receiving her Diploma and “Meisterschüler” from Rosemarie Trockel, she went to study film in the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne KHM, where she completed several fictional, experimental and documentary films, which have successfully been screened on international festivals. Getting in touch with the Animation Class of Artist Reimund Krumme in KHM, she finished a 4minute hand drawn animation and created a concept for a feature length hand drawn animationfilm with an absurd and futuristic content. During her film studies in the KHM, Malkhazova worked in the school-Ateliers on her Paintings and Drawings, creating and developing her unique style, that with time became monochrome. Her paintings she displayed in several solo-exhibitions at that time. Her works are included in private German and Russian collections. Malkhazova lives and works in Cologne and Barcelona, Spain.


2004-2010 Kunstakademie Düsseldorf
Class of Prof. Tal R

Class of Prof. Rosemarie Trockel
Diploma 2010, Meisterschüler at Rosemarie Trockel.

2011-2017 Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Diploma Master in FIlm


Solo Exhibitions (selection)

2020 (upcoming) Artcologne, Narander Gallery, Köln
2020 (upcoming) Hangar Projects, Barcelona
2019 Invisible Narander Gallery, Köln
2018 Art Fair London, Nevertheless Gallery
2017 Art Cologne, Galerie Nevertheless Gallery
2017 „Delusions of a grandeur“ Nevertheless gallery, Cologne (cat.)
2016 „insane transparencies“ Galerie Fluxus, Duesseldorf „Melt Down Time“ Cavalieri Art Galleries, St. Julian, Malta
2015 “Untitled thoughts” Case; project gallery,Köln
2014 „Memories oft he Future“ Galerie Fluxus Duesseldorf (cat.) 2010 „reconstruktionen#2“ Alte Post, Neuss 2008 „Sexualität“ Spilles, Düsseldorf
2005 Galerie Kunstwerk, Düsseldorf

Group Exhibitions (selection)

2019 ABBILD Kunsthaus Leverkusen
2016 group exhibition at Cofa Contemporary, Nevertheless gallery, Köln
2015 “Gemischtes Doppel”, Raum für Brauchbarkeit, Cologne “Bedingte Wesen” Quartier am Hafen, Cologne “ABC Art Fair” Neues Museum, Berlin
2014 “Brand New” Bandfabrik, Wuppertal “ We built up a structure of heaven….” Raum für Junge Kunst, Essen 2013 Kunsthochschule für Medien, Trinitatiskirche, Cologne
2012 “Show of the Year”, Freies Kunstmuseum Berlin “Spring Exibition”, Museum Odense, Copenhagen
2011 „Lost men“ Group show, Ateliergebäude Alte Feuerwache Leipzig „Arbeiten der Klasse Rosmerie Trockel“ Walzerk Düsseldorf „Show oft the Week“ Freies Kunstmuseum Berlin
2010 “Show of the Week”, Freies Kunstmuseum Berlin „Bricks and stones/ New positions“, Raum für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Arnheim
2008 “Leonid Abramov&Anastasia Malkhazova” Stadtmuseum Bad Soden


2006 “Dschenja” 45 min. Moscow (documentary)
2008 “Last days of summer”, 24 min. Moscow doc. (video)
2009 “Unsichtbarkeit”/ “Transperancy” 10 min. Düsseldorf/Cologne “macht euch reich” “make
yourself rich” PAL 10 min. fiction/drama/ satire
2010 “Herbert&Ilse” Eugene Ionesco ́s “Les Chaises. 1952 b/w 4.min (animation)
2011 ” Free Choice”, 31 min Moscow (documentary)
2012 „Hommage an Frank Köllges“ 2 min, HD/ Jazzfestival Moers 2012 (animation)
2013 “Wintretime in Kandalaksha” 27 min., Cologne/Kandalaksha Russia (documentary)
2014 “Ritual Games” Fiktion Experimental FIlm 20 min //HD
2016 „In between Time“ 52 min/HD/colour Cologne/Moscow/Teriberka
Holger Tressin / PAL 10 min. Duesseldorf
2020 „SNAPDRAGON“ Science-Fiction 27 min
//HD (in Final Production)

Festivals (selection)
Dokfest, München
Artdocfest, Moscow
Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen
bleed for bleed, Amsterdam
Diessener Kurzfilmtage
Kurzfilmfest, Düsseldorf