Born in Moscow in 1987, Anastasia Malkhazova received her BA in Fine Arts from the
Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf, Class of Tal R and Rosemarie Trockel, in 2010.
After studying Painting and Sculpture Malkhazova developed several Video Works and
performances in the Class of Rosemarie Trockel, and shot a documentary full length film
about youngsters in Moscow. She received her Diploma and “Meisterschüler” from
Rosemarie Trockel.
After she went to study film in the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne KHM, where she
completed several fictional, experimental and documentary films, which have
successfully been screened on international festivals. Getting in touch with the
Animation Class of Artist Reimund Krumme in KHM, she finished a 4minute hand
drawn animation and created a concept for a feature length hand drawn animation film
with an absurd and futuristic content. During her film studies in the KHM, Malkhazova
worked in the school-Ateliers on her Paintings and Drawings, creating and developing
her unique enigmatic style, resulting in monochrome large format paintings and
drawings, having a multilayered depth, that evokes “subconscious and sometimes
emotions “ — so Peter Doig. While studying and producing films at KHM, Malkhazova
kept working on her paintings which she displayed in several solo-exhibitions at that
time. In 2017 She received her Master Degree from Prof. Julia Sher and Sabine Rollberg
with her Diploma full length Documentary “In between Time”. At the moment,
Malkhazova is in the postproduction of her Debut fictional short, while planing new
performances and exhibitions.
Her works are included in private German and Russian collections.
Malkhazova lives and works in Cologne and Moscow.


Malkhazova works in conceptual artistic practice, As a main topic of her works is the
human mind and the collaboration between the senses. In a half-conscious and half
unconscious art practice, as Malkhazova calls “Painting” , she is discovering within the
process of her Paintings and Drawings. The engagement in Video-Art and Performance
has led to more conceptual work-attitude and merges her experience in work in Theatre
and Film, with actors and on scripts and writings with contemporary artistic practice.
In this case Malkhazova reinvents artistic practice and behaviour by reflecting the
contemporary art world and its progress and process in some of her performances and
Working inside the Cinema -Production, as a producer and Script- writer became her
profession, and built up the acknowledgement for
art practice and understanding of different “Art-Realities” .