Delusion of grandeur is an inspiration from the book „the hoods“ by Harry Grey from 1956 ,
„delusions of a grandeur“ is a phrase I read in one of the last chapters of the book.

-„delusion of grandeur“ is a thought at the end of a surrealistic, nearly impossible heist of Harry Grey, the protagonist.
It seems to be not only his thought, but a conclusion of all things which had happened to him. His mind suprisingly understood, what his life was all about.

I closed my self up for three days in the studio and read this book constantly.

I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t do anything else than reading it.
It get me in soo deep, that days after I was walking like a lunatic, under the impression of what I´ve read.
This book has absolutely tly NO connection to art. It is a mafia novel.

„So what about MY art? Or Art in general… – Is it a „mafia Novel“ as well — ?
Can Art, by any chance suddenly escape its usual borders and become something else?