Delusions of grandeur is an inspiration from the book „the hoods“ by Harry Grey from 1956 ,

„delusions of a grandeur“ is a phrase I read in one of the last chapters of the book.

-„delusion of grandeur“ is a thought at the end of a surrealistic, nearly impossible heist of Harry Grey, in the end to the main character,

It seems to be not his only thought, but a conclusion of all things which had happened to him. His own mind surprisingly understood, what it was all about.

When I closed my self up during 3 days in the studio and read this book constantly.

I couldn’t´t stop, I couldn’t do anything else than reading it. It get me in so deep, that even days after it I was walking like a lunatic and was still impressed, by what I´ve read.This book has absolutely NO connection to art. It is a mafia novel.


However we are a brave society. We love good things and criticize the bad ones.

We acknowledge success and we do not accept artist without it ( In this case there are many indicators for success). We build up a brave society to look good from the outside.

On pictures in social media, on wall paper. We shine up our public image to feel better about ourselves. We do not change, we do not confront, we just do. So what about the inside, is there still anything left, while we work on a shape, on a delusion of smith.?

Therefore our lives are well organized within a society, which is consuming its own goods without choosing them. Somehow it relates to art as well. Everything is connected between each other, I believe! So: „Art is what we do, culture is what is done to us“ B. Newman once said – about 40 years ago. And now, is there any difference, is art what is done to us by giving us a concrete model of „how to make art“ — frames and patterns to produce art, that it should „look like art“ — exactly this is my claim: „It should look like art“, pretending to be it. It starts to look alike and becomes more replaceable, rather than be…

Also Art works are usually viewed with associations to existing, and already established art works. So it can be explained like „this is a homage to…“ or

„it confronts the rules of the painting Area, or style….“ or „It is like design in the 60ies and architecture of the 1920ies…“ -could be anything. But why can´ we leave it without any relations, explain it as what it is. Maybe then we would put up a totally new perception of art. Explain it as what it is, and not necessarily putting it into an already existing context.

„Culture is now what we do, and art, art is what is done to us“


Delusions of Grandeur becomes the inner excitement of a thief, who had gone to far. 
Gone to far with his feelings, with his excitement, with his delusion of grandeur to rule the world.