SNAPDRAGON is a Debut Short Film of Anastasia Malkhazova

Starring: Keta Gavasheli

and Frederik Goeke

D.o. P. Govoi

Music by thereyoughost

Sounddesign by Timm Roller

Sound by Bob Vogston

In the nearest future, everybody will have an electronic chip under his/her skin inserted. These chips would bear all personal data communicating to the “all-in-one” Computer-System. A young woman is in love with her boyfriend who is a cyber-thief and, besides, has no regular ID code. To cope with it, he has been hiding with a temporary identity having no access to either the outside world or to the Computer-System. The girl intends to find her boyfriend’s ID code despite his refusal. While searching, she gets denied by the Computer-System. Meanwhile, since she is not able to get an access to the system anymore, it appears that her boyfriend stole her own identity.

Finished 2022



TRAILER — 2022