Melt down Time

-MElT DOWN TIME – by Anastasia Malkhazova

Cavalieri Art Hotel, St. Julians 2016 Malta

In her various work, which constists of paintigs, graphic and drawings

Anastasia Malkhazova is often dealing with metaphysical elements, with thoughts and memories, dreams and associations which she transforms into paintings and drawings. The visualisation of living and transcendent elements are kept in a still standing pose. By using many different techniques of brushwork Malkhazova develops a sensitive and unique style, which gives the viewer chance to enter a living porcess of a painting and lets him discover forms of „errors“ and unpredicted moments in it. She experiments freely with different techniques of abstraction, expressionism, naturalism, graphic and also graffity style. The abstract motiv turns out to have a figuration insight its various layers. And oftenly the viewer can find its own correlation in between the forms.

Malkhazova oftenly constructs a very strong composition in her paintings, which keeps the attention of the viewer and simultaniuosly intriegues to discover a hidden secret in the works.

Many decisions in the paintings are intuitive and taken during the process, while the general idea and the motiv seem to be predicted and precisly chosen before.

  1. „melt down time“ acrylic, watercolour, spray on photopaper, framed 50 x 60 cm, 2015
  2. melted thoughts“ guache, carchoal, pastell on paper, 119 x 156 cm, 2016
  3. „posing in front of unreal elements“ pastell on paper, 110 x 110 cm, 2016
  4. „mediteranean boredom“ acrylic, watercolour, pastell, ink on paper, 119 x 156 cm, 2016
  5. „untitled(blue)“ oil in canvas 50 x 60 cm, 2016
  6. „girl with strange dress“ ink, watercolour, guache, pencil on paper, framed 30 x 40 cm, 2016
  7. „my dear blue friend“ oil on prepared board, 70 x 100 cm, 2015