Trinitatiskirche, Köln

Works at the Trinitatiskirche, Köln

The two works from the series » Memories of the future»

Malkhazova´s painting remain a substance of a thinking process. During the process of treating what has been seen, the thoughts takes place in the act of following the different areas and figures of the painting. Using a kind of intuitive mesh arrows, points, specks and mystical figures, which give pointers to movement, spatiality, the present, the future and infinity. Malkhazova endeavours to locate the compositions she has begun within a seemingly subjective and mind driven significance. At the same time, the continual shedding of restraint and the infinite possibilities of perspective enabled by abstractive figuration defines the unstable, vertiginous forces at work in the far-flung expanses between perception, cognition and visualisation.

  1. » Memories of the future» 210×160 cm Oil on board, black wooden frame
  2. «future of memories» 210×160 cm Oil on board, black wooden frame