This Performance was part of a group exhibition with the class of Tal R in Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, 2009

The Idea, to exhibit art on tables, came from the Artist and Professor Tal R.
The Performance consist the exhibition of the artist itself, rather than his art piece. The object of art in this piece is the human being. During many hours the artist sat on the table without any action. The audience was free to observe her during this time of the exhibition.

The performance plays with the change of the roles in art perception, suddenly the subject becomes the object and the observation of an art piece becomes rather an imagination of his mind. “What could have been the art piece, but lies as an idea in his mind”
You, as the audience imagine the invention of an art piece of the artist, by observing him or her.

To be exposed as a human being in plain sight, is certainly an artefact from daily life. But how does it construct or deconstruct itself while being in an exhibition or an art museum?

The tension of thought and presence becomes a vibration and opens up the viewer to his imagination process.

© anastasiamalkhazova